Shipping From Australia FAQs

1What's the most important thing to remember when shipping from Australia, or to Australia?

The only thing you should need to to do is sign instructions for export, or - if applicable - provide commercial invoices for any merchandise. Apart from this, Door 2 Door Shipping takes care of everything else for you - this includes creating valid export documentation.

All of the courier and shipping companies we work with are tried and trusted, so your items are fully covered and in safe hands at all times.

2What local customs law apply when shipping to Australia, or from Australia?

These will vary depending on the items you want to ship, especially if you're sending commercial cargo or freight. Any new appliances or merchandise should have receipts ready for inspection.

We - or the partner shipping company we pair you with - will always be able to advise you on this.

3Will there any charges for shipping to or from Australia?

Your partner courier company will be best placed to advise you on this, and will always tell you about any charges in advance so you don't have any sudden surprises. Destination charges and port fees are usually paid by the person who receives the consignment.

4If I ship a vehicle and it gets damaged, what is the maximum liability a shipping company is held to? Should I buy insurance?

A shipping company can only currently be held liable for $500 worth of damage to a vehicle, according to Maritime Law. It's always worth purchasing insurance for your vehicle shipment, taking care that the policy you choose covers the vehicle and the shipping charges.

5What types of appliances can I import to Australia?

You can bring a single:

Monitor, printer, vacuum cleaner, vegetable juicer, citrus juicer, food processor, radio, sewing machine, iron, bicycle, hair dryer, slide projector, knitting machine, coffee grinder, alarm clock radio, vaporiser, toaster, toaster oven, mixer, crepe maker, ice cream maker, portable word processor, electric kettle, set of hand power tools, meat grinder, hot water urn, coffee maker, deep fryer, popcorn maker, espresso machine, rug shampooer, floor polisher, can opener, electric knife, answering machine, electric skillet, electric blanket, garbage disposal unit, and hot water dispenser.

And you can bring several:

Fans, heaters, or telephones.

6What is the best shipping method for my items?

This will depend on how many items you want to ship to or from Australia. Some of the options include:

Sole use shipping container - suitable for the contents of a larger property, for example a four or five bedroom house's worth of furniture. This container will only contain your items, and is suited to transporting even very large items such as vehicles. Having your own container means that you can see it locked and sealed in front of you, and then inspect the seal at the other end.

Shared container or groupage option - an option suitable for a smaller home or apartment's worth of furniture. Your items will share the container with the items of other senders. This option does rely on being able to locate individuals or companies who want to send items to the same destination as you. Your shipping company will take care of locating these, but will usually finalise the destination point in a major city so all sharing partners have equal access.

7Will I have to find and pay a customs agent?

Only if you ship items to the port. If you ship door to door, your shipping company will take care of this for you.