One Simple Service For Shipping From Australia to New Zealand

Don't waste any more time comparing the hundreds of different companies offering shipping from Australia to New Zealand. Comparing, contrasting, and negotiating the best deal on your behalf is what Door 2 Door Shipping is all about:

Working with all of the leading international courier services, we always find the methods of sea, air, and land transfer which give you safety, speed, and security...

All at the best price possible for the type of shipment you have in mind.

Why Let Us Organise Your Shipping to New Zealand from Australia?

  • We work with all of the top national and international shipping agencies, so we can always get you the best deal
  • It's quick and easy to arrange a single delivery, or regular shipments - often at a reduced rate
  • Land, sea, and air routes all taken into account when planning your item transfer
  • Free advice and tips on how to get the most cost effective shipping to New Zealand from Australia
  • Full insurance cover for all of your items throughout their time in transit

How We Set It Up

Get in touch today and tell us about the consignment you need shipped between AU and NZ. Tell us the timeframe you have for the transfer. And we'll then consult all of our partners - we have relationships with all of the most reliable courier companies - to see which one of them offers the most suitable service.

One you've agreed to that, we can assist you in packaging any items which might need it - we're used to securely packing all sizes and types of item. Your items are then dispatched, will be tracked en route, and will arrive safe and sound in the time and place that you've requested. Easy!

Get Us to Ship to Any Location in New Zealand

We make shipping from Australia to New Zealand simple. No matter what you want to send, and where you need it to go - and by when - we'll get your items there on time.

Several or Single Shipment Options

Organise regular business consignments, or quickly and simply arrange sending a single small package. Whatever the quantity and frequency of your shipments, we can arrange them without any hassle.

Secure Packaging Service Available

No more danger of your items arriving in pieces! We can securely pack and send any size or weight of item to ensure its safe arrival.

Working Only With the Best

All of the partner carriers we work with are tried and trusted professionals, who we've used to ship goods to New Zealand from Australia multiple times before.

Emergency Send Carriers

Need to secure a very short-notice arrival time for a certain consignment or parcel? We offer next day and even same day deliveries to many locations in New Zealand.

Get the Full Freight Services You Need Too

For larger sizes of shipment, we work as a Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier with almost no limit on the types of items we can arrange the transport of. We can organise the following shipping solutions, and will always be pleased to advise on the freight services which are right for you:

Solo use of a shipping container: offering many advantages in terms of security and speed, a full container can transport even large items such as vehicles.

Shared use of a shipping container: by sharing the space inside a container you'll also be sharing the costs of transport.

Book Your Shipping From Australia to New Zealand

Call us now or get in touch with us online to request a free quote on the shipping services you need.

You'll get free advice before you confirm anything, and you can always get talking to someone who knows all about local and international shipping and courier services in your local store.